Origo Lab was born in 2015 from the wish to work with what we love the most, in a way we believe and have devised. We are a creative studio focused on producing beautiful images and videos that contribute to building and strengthening brands, bringing communication with design to the public.

Origo Lab is specialized in CGI, illustration and animation 3D, 2D, motion graphics and retouching.

We work with programs such as Houdini and make projects feasible for clients from different segments. In our search system you can search by type of work (3D, 2D, motion, retouching) or by what you want to see more projects such as: perfume, 3d chocolate, 2d illustrations, pack, car, character, cgi liquid, etc.

Before becoming partners here in the studio, we worked together for many years at AlmapBBDO and there, in particular, we experienced the deadlines, demands and and how to conduct great jobs with excellent professionals. This experience gave us a lot of knowledge to better understand the processes and the level of production we wanted to propose to keep us always working and on projects that match us.

Forlani, who has also worked in other agencies and studios, is our Chief Illustrator and Poli, who was Producer and Art Buyer, is our Coordinator. Also part of our team, very talented artists who work directly with us. We form a network of professionals with specific skills with them that further enriches and enhances our studio and our deliveries.

This is our origin. From Latin, our Origo. Welcome!

Marcelo Forlani
Paula Feijó